terça-feira, outubro 10, 2006

É terça-feira!

Alguma vez tiveram uma pergunta na vossa cabeça, à qual não conseguissem responder e que não vos desse sossego? Pois bem, mais uma vez a Internet veio em nosso auxílio! Existe um sítio, que nos permite colocar estas perguntas, tendo em vista a possibilidade de que alguém que possua uma resposta, nos elucide. Tudo o que pede em troca, é que respondamos a uma pergunta de outra pessoa. O site é o Question Swap e o registo, gratuito.

Eu tinha uma pergunta chata, há já muito tempo e lembrei-me de a experimentar. Apreciem:

Pergunta: Cognitive psychology states that, at its creation, the brain already possesses the internal mental states needed to interact with the environment. Thus, we do not learn with our experiences, we just use the mental tools, and perceptions, we are born with.

Considering this, can we assume that, if monocycles existed naturally in the environment, bears would eventually ride them?

R1. First of all, stop trying to sound intelligent. You could have posed the same question without the dramatic phrasing and psychology bulltshit. As for the actual question, I find it an entertaining one. Yes we learn from our experiences. But animals don't have the capacity to understand everything like we do. We can train them to react certain ways with certain objects or situations, but they don't comprehend why it works.
United States

R2. that is an odd thing to suggest, its based on a sparced theory but i guess EVENTUALLY yes they would.
United Kingdom

R3. ... O_o
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R4. No, because extranious variables often intefere with this approach rendering the bear incapable of doing much more tha mauling your head of and ripping the monocycle to shreds.

Warning kids, don't play with large fuzzy animals and one wheeled bikes. I did. I have no eyes.

United Kingdom

R5. No. Becuase you have to take in biological functions. Do bears need unicycles? No. There is no reason for them to learn to ride them. Bears do not eat grass but that exsists in the wild. It would be the same thing with unicycles. There would exsist but becuase biology does not require bears to ride them and they are not biolically equipped they would serve no purpose in the life of the bear. The bear could evolve to ride them if it was biologically neccessary but they would not ride them if there was no purpose.
United States

R6. Ha! And to think they said I wasted my time at the Royal College of Advanced Psychology, reading all those books about bears!

I knew this day would come - I knew someone would eventually ask this exact question and I'd be able to answer! No only answer it - but to answer it with the kind of in-depth knowledge that only the lunatics possess and the brilliant lament!

Okay, so it took me 14 months on QuestionSwap, spending 14 hours a day (18 at weekends) asking and answering monotonous, mind-numbing, irrelevant questions, just so that I would be asked this one. It was worth it! Worth evey last minute!

I'm actually choking up a little here. I might need to sit down before I answer, and take a few breaths - if you'll indulge me.

You know - I'm not ashamed to admit it - I'm crying with joy, that I've finally been asked THE question.

OK - here goes:

It is my considered opinion, that if motorcycles existed naturally in the wild, then bears.... hang on... Did you say "Motorcycle" or "Monocycle"?

OH NO! PLEASE NO! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! So close and yet so far! I can't believe the pain this has caused me. The crushing, blinding pain! How much longer must I wait until someone asks me about bear's natural propensity towards naturally ocurring motorcycles??

Oh, this is too much for one day. I just can't take it. I'm sorry - I have to go now. I need to be alone to reflect on what happened here.

R7.Well you had me in the first paragragh.

Bears would ride bears or monocycles (the 1 wheel jobbies)? lol.

If the first half of your statemnt is true, that would mean 3/4 of my siblings have faulty internal mental states...which I am inclined to agree with.

Now, if you're employeed by Barnum & Bailey, those bears could make you a pile of money and I'll throw in some 'talented brothers' as a bonus.
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Anónimo disse...

O mais provável era o urso usar o monociclo como arma de caça ou para atrair uma fêmea...

Já agora. Amigo urso. Se me estás a ouvir, vai fazer análises. De monociclo.

o karamelo disse...

Respostas sérias para perguntas parvas!

...não percebi nada da primeira parte, mas deve ser deveras interessante e relevante no panorama psi actual.